Cause and Origin

    MABAS 19 Investigators frequently work together with other agencies such as Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal, county and local police departments, State and County Attorney’s Offices, County Medical Examiner’s Office, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Illinois State Police Crime Lab.

The MABAS Division 19 Origin and Cause Team members are highly motivated and willing to work. The more the team is utilized, the better the team becomes. There are monthly trainings held the second Tuesday of each month in cooperation with the South Suburban Fire Investigation Task Force, and training is conducted by team members or qualified outside agencies.

Our mission is to provide qualified persons to assist any stricken member fire department with the investigation of the origin and cause of a fire or explosion, and to provide effective training for team members, enabling them to keep current with the latest techniques, standards and guidelines of fire investigation.

Our goal and objectives of the MABAS 19 Origin and Cause Team include the following:

Establish and maintain a quality service to assist fire chiefs in the determination of origin and cause of fires throughout the division.

Establish and maintain standards for training and experience of fire investigators engaged as origin and cause team members.

Establish and maintain standardized call-out procedures and dispatches for cause and origin teams.

Pride, Leadership and Honor

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