This is a Western Shelter tent kit that was supplied to our division. The materials are stored in a trailer for rapid transport in emergency situations. MABAS Shelters are shared and could be sent anywhere in Illinois. Each end of the structure can be accessed. There are vestibules that connect multiple shelters. This allows flexible use on-scene for distinct stations--first aid, triage, and management services, for example.

Floor panels will sit in three inches of standing water and remain completely waterproof. Designed to house firefighters, this self-contained unit sleeps 22. The MABAS shelter comes with a rolling heating and air conditioning unit, for comfort in various climates. Ductwork shoots warm or cool air throughout the structure.

Incident Management Trailer

Decontamination Vehicle

Western Shelter Tent Kit

MABAS Division 19 received a new Decontamination Vehicle on June 28, 2007, valued at over $220,000.00 from the Illinois MABAS in conjunction with the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF). MABAS, which has been in existence since the late 1960’s, stands for Mutual Aid Box Alarm System and was set up to provide an orderly mutual aid response to the scenes of fires, accidents or other incidents across specifically designated regions in Illinois. MABAS Division 19 Fire Protection Districts include East Joliet, Elwood, Frankfort, Homer Township, Lockport Township, Manhattan, Mokena, New Lenox, Northwest Homer, Orland, Palos, Palos Heights, and Peotone. The new decontamination vehicle will help better prepare the communities protected by MABAS Division 19 to deal with chemical and/or biological attacks.

             The MABAS decontamination vehicle is designed for personnel decontamination, flushing, cleaning of civilians, and Public Safety personnel who may have been exposed to industrial chemicals, militarized chemicals, biological agents and toxins, radiological and nuclear particles and similar agents associated with industrial processes and/or domestic terrorism. The MABAS Division 19 Decontamination vehicle is presently housed at the Lockport Fire Protection District for response anywhere within the MABAS Division 19 communities.

MABAS Division 19 received a new Incident Management Trailer from the Illinois MABAS. The new Incident Management Trailer will help better respond and prepare the communities protected by MABAS Division 19 to deal with major incidents.

Pride, Leadership and Honor

Mutual Aid Box alarm system