Water Rescue

The MABAS 19 Water Rescue team consists of seven participating agencies within the MABAS 19 division. These agencies are Frankfort Fire Protection District, Lemont Fire Protection District, Lockport Fire Protection District, Mokena Fire Protection District, New Lenox Fire Protection District, Orland Fire Protection District, Palos Fire Protection District, and the Palos Heights Fire Protection District. The MABAS 19 dive team is also supported by all division 19 Chiefs.

The team is trained in all aspects of water rescue, including swift water rescue, Ice rescue and search and recovery. The MABAS 19 Water Rescue Team trains once a month at different locations within the MABAS 19 division. The Water Rescue Team covers approximately 400 square miles of different types of water, ranging from small golf course ponds, rivers, to Navigational waterways. The team has assisted the Coast guard and other police agencies in water rescue and evidence recovery.

The MABAS 19 Water Rescue Team is working with the State Fire Marshals Office and other dive teams across the state to develop water rescue classes and standards to meet NFPA1670.

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